2 Dec 2013

Gasp... can it be??!! An update!?!?!

Hello all. It's been a while since there was an  update. Things got a little crazy with Mecha Wars launching and then being pulled down shortly afterwards. There's a post on the Mecha Wars blog regarding why, but the  purpose of this post is to  explain the  delay of Gesen  and Mecha Wars.  I 've been facing several problems regarding my computer and am looking into getting a new one hopefully soon. Because of this all my comics are on hiatus for the rest of 2013. I'm sorry guys, but I'll be back.

26 Oct 2013

November 2013

Drunkduck or The Duck Webcomics is back, and likewise Gesen is up to date on the archives there. It will be updating on fridays simultaneously with ComicDish.

Gesen hasn't been updated for the last couple of weeks and I apologize for this, and reveal why. 
Next week Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade is finally beginning. I've been working on it for some time, working out the story and characters, and the time has come to finally begin to work on Mecha Wars. So as of Friday 1st November, you will be able to read The Last Crusade. At the moment it's only going to be on The Duck where it will be known as "The Last Crusade", but it may find it's way to other sites in time. 

Mecha Wars and Gesen will both be updating at 1 page a week after next week.

14 Sep 2013

Hiatus is over.

Ummm, I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but Gesen is updating again. Well, theres only three pages up right now, so it's not like i've been holding out or anything. At the moment Drunkduck is down, so you can only read it on Comicdish at the moment. I'll make a post when DrunkDuck is back online, because Gesen will continue as soon as the duck returns.

1 Jul 2013

Site Update: June

"Making of" page has been pulled down due to being out of date.
Characters page:
Misc section has been removed, for some characters the misc info has been merged with Bio or Personality.
Status has been removed to prevent potential spoilers.

10 Jun 2013

A Fateful Roster

So A Fateful Encounter 2, the reason things have been pretty slow around here, is finally complete, and I thought I would post up the roster somewhere, and here seemed to be the best place.

Masked Indivivdual (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Michiko (Mecha Wars: The Journey of Despair)
Female Guardian (Gesen)
Canu Izoku (Gesen)
Blank Sassuran (Gesen)
Plant Infested Kaira (Mecha Wars: The Parasite of Evil)
Cunei Izoku (Gesen)
Dimitri Sassuran (Gesen)
Akihiro Atama (Dark Hero)
Kira Izoku (Gesen)
Cham Izoku (Gesen)
Hybrid Mecha (Mecha Wars: The End of Time)
Yuki (Dark Hero)
Terra (Gesen)
Cansis Izoku (Gesen)
Utako (Mecha Wars: The Journey of Despair)
Vanish Alterior (Mecha Wars: The Journey of Despair)
Young Kazura (Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade)
Gekkon (Gesen)
The Dark Mecha (Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade)
Edward (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Dark Gesen (Gesen)
Yuuka Satsuki (Dark Hero)
Chaos (Gesen)
Polydeuces (Dark Hero)
Kazura (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Kazushi Batora (Dark Hero)
Leon (Gesen)
Ace Starstrike (Gesen)
Koto (Gesen)
Toxic (Dark Hero)
Chayre Izoku (Gesen)
Bug (Gesen)
Omega Iwasaki (Dark Hero)
Melissa (Gesen)
Kid Pyro (Gesen)
Violet (Little Metal)
Jin Akani (Gesen)
Myka (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Kazumi Batora (Dark Hero)
Veronica (Little Metal)
Elysium (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Asuka Kyuno (Gesen)
The Last Mecha (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Sakuro (Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade)
Psythe (Dark Hero)
Petunia (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Axis Iwasaki (Dark Hero)
Kai Sokudo (Gesen)
Yuki (Dark Hero)
Omma (Dark Hero)
Lilia (Mecha Wars:The Last Crusade)
Sephi (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Iris Trinity (Dark Hero)
Little Metal (Little Metal)
Maya Falcon (Gesen)
Aero (Dark Hero)
Bas (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Yuko (Dark Hero)
Kunar Izoku (Gesen)
Kom (Gesen)
Yama (Dark Hero)
Korra Izoku (Gesen)
Carnotaur Izoku (Gesen)
Michiro Tsuke (Mecha Wars: The Last Crusade)
Aga (Gesen)
Box Boy (Little Metal)
Gesen Shatanori (Gesen)
Kaira Setsuki (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Asuna Kyuno (Gesen)
Zero Iwasaki (Dark Hero)
Volvost (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Brass (Little Metal)
Miku Sassuran (Gesen)
??? (Mecha Wars: The Last Mecha)
Lun Sokudo (Gesen)
Male Guardian (Gesen)

5 Jun 2013

Gesen back this week

Things got a little hectic at college (and a few other things) forcing me to unofficially put Gesen on hiatus. We're back now.

2 Apr 2013

Mecha Wars is still coming

It's been a while since there's been any news on Mecha Wars, except the fact that it's been delayed and will probably begin once Gesen has finished. Well, as well as the manga version, a prose version of the story is being worked on, and chapters of that will be released as they are completed. Right now I'm finalizing the main plot elements, and have started working on of The Last Mecha - the manga and the prose.

I'm seriously considering having Mecha Wars run simultaneously with Gesen. Of course, this will probably mean that Gesen's updating will be reduced. If that's the case, Mecha Wars could be launching in the next few months. Anyway, it's not like it's going to help pass the time or anything, but here's the image that will be used for the first chapter.

17 Mar 2013

Check out the new (and old) Gesen logo!

You may have notice it by now, but the official Gesen logo has been updated.
 It's been something I've wanted to do for a while now, and now, with the semi-reboot of Gesen I thought now would be a good time to update the logo.

16 Mar 2013

Gesen Update (15/03/13)

This week's two pages mark the return of the Burgundy giant, as well as the Izoku Clan.

15 Feb 2013

Top Ten Characters I want to see as DLC in PS All Stars

So the two new DLC fighters Kat and Emmet Graves recently arrived in Playstation All Stars, and they're both pretty good (especially Kat). So I got to thinking, who else should be included in the Battle Royale?

Just a note, this list includes characters from games I've played, and characters I think could actually be included in All Stars, and it's purely opinion based, so don't get upset when you don't see someone you want in All Stars.

10. Chell (Portal)

Admittedly probably the least likely on this list to make it into All Stars (which is why she's tenth), but imagine being able to place portals on parts of th stage and using them to summon turrets or companion cubes or something! I just think it would be pretty cool for Chell to be in All Stars. She could even have Wheatley or GLaDOS with her to speak on her behalf or even assist in super attacks.

9. A Patapon (Patapon)

I mean, they already make an appearance in the Hades stage, why not be a playable character? A Patapon would be more suitable than say, a loco roco anyway. And I'm not talking about having Yumipon, Tatepon, Yaripon and the other-pons as separate character, I mean like having one Patapon who's Square, Triangle and Circle all use moves based on different Patapon types. It could happen!

8. Alister Azimuth (Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

Okay, this one's a long shot but I would really like to see what it would be like! It would be Ratchet, but purely melee based attacks. And there's plenty of moves he does in ACiT to give him an entire moveset. I think depending on how much DLC there is, we're going to see franchises having more than one representative, and I don't think anyone deserves to be in All Stars from the Ratchet and Clank universe more so than Alister Azimuth. Maybe Talwyn Apogee, but she'd be almost entirely projectile based I would imagine. We don't need Qwark of Neffy as playable characters, they're fine as minions. AND IN CERTAIN STAGES!

7. Hero (Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King)

Dragon Quest 8 was epic. The hero of Dragon Quest 8 (whom had to be named by the player) was epic. If any Sqaure-Enix character is included in All Stars, this guy is the guy to include. He can use magic, swords, boomerangs, spears and or his fists in a fight. And he can go Super Saiyan!! ...Well, not exactly super saiyan, but he can boost his tension (which boosts attack power) by up to 100. Did I also mention he can tranform into a bird (using a special item) and summon a Sabrecat?!

6. Raven (Gravity Rush)

Of the 22 playable characters in All Stars, only 3 of them are female, one of which was part of the recently added DLC. All Stars need more female playable characters, and who better that Kat's rival(?), Raven? Admittedly she has powers similar to Kat, and the last thing we want is another two characters with half-identical movesets *coughcoleevilcole*, but then Kat never uses her hands to attack, so i'm sure they could do something with that to start. This also ties in with what I was saying about multiple characters from the same franchise. Speaking of that...

5. Victor Sullivan (Uncharted)

I know he (like Raven) is already in All Stars as a minion, and he does feature in Drakes story (not that that accounts for much) but it's Sully! Nathan Drake's mentor and oldest friend! You might say that Sully would probably handle similarly to Drake, but there are subtle differences between them. While Sully is significantly older than Drake (meaning drake should be more agile and fit), Sully has a plane. And they don't necesarily need to use the same guns. He could spawn a riot shield, similar to how Sir Daniel does. C'mon, you know if anyone else from Uncharted made it into All Stars, it should be Sully.

4. Welkin or Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles)

Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3 and PSP were good games. So why weren't any characters in All Stars?! Well, the time for redemption has come. If anyone, I think one of the two main characters of the first game should be in All Stars. Naturally you might automatically say Welkin, as he's the protagonist and all, but he spent the majority of the beginning of the game inside the Edelweiss Tank, so therefore, Alicia, a scout could be a substitute, and would increase the game's female population.

3. Knight and Baby (Guardian's Crusade)

If you've never played Guardian's Crusade (or Knight and Baby as it's known in Japan) it's a pretty awesome RPG for the PS1, where you, the Knight were tasked with returning a weird creture known as Baby to it's mother. Throughout the game you can develop a friendship with baby, and a strong relationship is key to getting through the game. One of my favourite aspects of the game, however, besides the fact that baby could transform, was that you could summon living toys (Toy Story?) to aid you in battle. It was awesome, and these guys would fit perfectly in All Stars with the help of their living toys.

2. Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)

Besides the fact that he picks fights with nothing but massive Colossi, and the fact that he looks like a girl, I would love to be able to hear Wander shout "AGGRO!!" in the middle of an All Stars match. Seriously though, this epic PS2 game needs some sort of inclusion in All Stars, and the best way to do that would be to have Wander made playable. I don't know about his minion though, I think Aggro would look weird and some of those Colossi are not exactly who I'd want cheering me on.

1. Monica or Max (Dark Chronicle)

Another PS2 exclusive classic that got no acknowledgement from All Stars is Dark Chronicle. While I'd be happy if either Max or Monica get in All Stars, I'm more inclined for Monica to get in rather than Max. I mean, we've already got a character who uses a combination of a wrench and guns, and has a robotic assistant, and I know I've already mentioned this at least twice before, the game needs more female playable characters and even though she uses a sword (which personally I don't see anything wrong with having several different swordsmen and women) she could always use the georama system as attacks, or her fire magic or even time travel...somehow. Max could always help out for a super attack or as a minion.

Honourable Mentions:
Murray (Sly Cooper), Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, The Prince of all Cosmos (Katamari), Vanilla (Steambot Chronicles) Valera/Erica (Malicious), Rayman, Anyone from Street Fighter

10 Feb 2013

Gesen 5 concludes

At long last after yet another unplanned hiatus, Gesen 5 comes to a conclusion today.
At the moment this is only being uploaded to the DrunkDuck mirror as Mangabullet is still down, and ComicDish is still quite behind.

From chapter 6 onward, Gesen and Asuna's appearances will be slightly different due to a slight change in design so that they appear to be their age of 15 (originally they were supposed to be 12). Past pages will NOT be modified to reflect this, I really don't want to slow down the progression of Gesen any more.

4 Feb 2013

Week 17

Due to last minute portfolio prep and illness, I have fallen behind my team's production schedule, however my team is quite ahead compared to the default schedule, however I plan to make up for lost time and remain in time with the rest of my team.

How many hours have I animated this week?


What did I accomplish this week?

Managed to put together a portfolio and got a conditional offer for the HNC my college is running.
In terms of animation, nothing.

What did I learn this week?

I've learned to believe in myself a bit more. There isn't anything I can't do if I put my mind to it.

What stopped me from doing more?

Sickness and Portfolio production.

What will I do to ensure it never happens again?

I can't guarantee I won't get sick again, but I've got my portfolio out of the way.
Also, it might be good to do a little extra when I can.

1 Feb 2013

(UPDATE) Welcome to the new age!

From here on, Gesen and Asuna have been redesigned. What are they going to look like? Find out, now!

(Updated section is in bold)

30 Jan 2013

Gesen and Asuna redesigns inbound Friday

What will the two of the most most important characters be looking like from now on?
You'll find out on Friday.

24 Jan 2013

Gesen and Asuna are going to be redesigned...older?!

It has been nearly eight years since I initially started drawing Gesen. A lot of things were different when I first started, a lot of strong influences back then I no longer use, and I find myself being influenced by many different things.

One of the things I thought was cool at the time was having the main characters aged 12. It was more or less my age at the time, but, as the years have gone by, there are themes in Gesen I want to explore, which, admittedly, would be quite awkward seeing little kids go through.

I am in the process of redesigning Gesen and Asuna (they're the only 12 year olds left in the series) and they will now be aged 15. What I will be doing is redrawing already existing panels pages in which they appear, in other words, this is NOT another reboot. The story and their personalities will not be changing, only their age, and their appearance slightly.

Once chapter 5 is complete, there will be a hiatus in which chapters 2, 3 and 4 will be modified, and in some instances, some things may be rewritten slightly. It won't be anything major, but I will post here what changes will be made.

Of course, this will probably mean a lot of the artwork I've done will be innacurate... I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that yet.

Unfortunately this also means that my other series, Mecha Wars will be delayed for a lot longer. I have been considering setting it in the same universe as that of Gesen, meaning that Gesen will have to have been finished anyways before i can begin it. I want to put most of my effort into Gesen, and I don't want Mecha Wars to suffer because of this, so it won't be starting for a while. This also probably means the blog will be pulled down, if I can pull it down temporarily.

Hopefully, Chapter 5 should be ending with next weeks update.

8 Jan 2013

Asuna's Hair Length... wait, who's Asuna?

So, a poll has gone up questioning you, the reader(s) whether or not Asuna should grow her hair longer.

All you need to do is tick yes or no, based on whether or not you believe she should let her hair get any longer.

Wait a minute... who is Asuna?!

If you've read chapter 4 of Gesen, you will have seen her already, though she has not yet revealed her name. My mistake entirely. I was going to edit the question to link to a picture of Asuna, but because the poll has already received votes (thanks for voting, by the way!) I can't edit it directly. Makes sense, so this post will hopefully remedy the situation here.
This young lady is Asuna. I have been told a couple of times that she looks like a boy. In an attempt to prevent more confusion I am considering a number of ways to alter her appearance to give her more femininity, such as increasing the length of her hair. I won't just randomly slap it into the next chapter she's in though, I would make sure to write it into the story properly.

Her hair here (<-) is how it is currently.
Here is how her hair would be at a more medium-sized length

If she decided to grow her hair very long it would probably look something like this.

All things considered, these aren't even the only hairstyles she could have. For now, however if you want Asuna's hair to say how it is, click "No" on the poll to the left, if you think she'd look better with longer hair (either one of the bottom two pictures) click "Yes"

Depending on results, I may have to hold additional polls to see what people think.

This poll closes at the end of the month.